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Abdel Rahman el Khamissi   NEW
Hind (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
You may have heard of Abdel Rahman el Khamissi because of his "African Dance", that almost ethio light psych groove. Two tracks on the record offered here : "Hind" and "Tears". Light organ psych once again, a bit Hany Mehanna soundalike. Very rare, neddless to say.
SP, Ex/Ex-, 110 €
Aziza Omar   NEW
Aziza Omar (XXX, Egypt)
Egyptian singer Aziza Omar did a few 7" released in Morocco and Egypt, and this one is totally unknown On B side a track by Salamah Zaki. Beautiful, simple cover design.
SP, VG/VG+, 50 €
Aziza Omar   NEW
Ala Nourlaine (Boussiphone, Maroc)
Moroccan (only ?) of this lovely track "Ala Nourlaine" by Egyptian singer Aziza Omar. Excellent shape.
SP, Ex-/Ex, 40 €
Charifa Fadel   NEW
Yahwi (Sono Cairo, Egypt, 1968)
Lovely painted cover 7" by Cherifa Fadel.
SP, VG/VG+, 40 €
Doha   NEW
Ashra A'ala Ashra (Sono Cairo, Egypt, 1966)
60's Egyptian sound with vocals by Doha, lovely cover design.
SP, VG(+)/VG+, 40 €
Houda al Madah   NEW
Ah Salami Sheilou (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
The kind of Egyptian I liked, very Baligh Hamdi style.
SP, VG+/Ex-, 50 €
Leila Nazmi   NEW
Mashrabsh Shai (Sono Cairo, Egypt, 1970)
Folk tunes sung by Leila Nazmi. The only album by her I know.
LP, VG+/Ex, 70 €
Mohamed Rashid   NEW
La Alruwh Tardaa (Moriphon, Egypt, 1968)
Libyan siger Mohamed Rashid came to Cairo to have his record produced. Tracks are "La alruwh tardaa" and "Salam ealaa mayn salam", composed by Mohamed Marshan. Beautiful painted cover, rare !
SP, VG+/Ex-, 35 €
Mohammed Diyaeddien   NEW
Adwa'a al Madinah (Soutelphan, Egypt)
Two instrumental tracks on Soutelphan. Very clean copy, but there might be some noise here and there.
SP, --/VG+, 35 €
Saida Abdel Alim   NEW
Lala la (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
Egyptian female shaabi singer. Possibly her unique record pressed.
SP, Ex/Ex, 35 €
Sayed Ismail   NEW
Ya Sabah Yalam Aldak (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
Late 60's session on Sono Cairo, probably involving Omar Khorshid on guitar (at least it sounds like him), and possibly Hany Mehanna on organ, or Magdy el Hosseini.
SP, VG+/Ex-, 60 €
Sayed Salama   NEW
Buliru Zahrat Alhabi (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
One of the labels is used. Vinyl is in very good shape, only a few very light lines.
SP, Ex-/VG+, 100 €
Srour Khairi   NEW
Sabart W'ashouf (Saot al Riad, Lebanon, 1969)
Rare oud and vocals from the gulf, songs are "Sabart W'ashouf" and "Aminti Billah", quite rare Saudi Arabian 7" ! Cover a bit used.
SP, VG/Ex-, 35 €
Wagnat Farid   NEW
Lamaa Bada Yatathanaa (Moriphon, Egypt, 1969)
An Egyptian singer that made all she can to sound like Warda. Composed by Hilmi Bakr, words by poet Mohamed Halawa. Rare 7" on Moriphon !
SP, VG+/VG+, 30 €
Cherifa Fadel & Baligh Hamdi   NEW
La We Ah (Soutelphan, Egypt, 1973)
Wonderful track by Baligh Hamdi for Charifa Fadel ! Double sider !
SP, --/Ex, 60 €