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Chaabi   NEW
Chaabi (XXXX, France)
Wow ! Recent discovery, and a real one ! This is what crossover France had to offer in the mid 80's : a mix of oriental synth funk, proto rai and post punk new wave. The now trend ! And believe it or not, the picture cover has been realized by French writer Catherine Millet.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 120 €
Samir Dia   NEW
Nagwa Fouad Dances to the Rhythm of Samir Dia (Diyia Records, Lebanon)
Ultra rare Lebanese belly dance record. Mervelous shape, marvelous cover. This will probably remind you of Farouq Salama or Walid Gholmieh, but that's even harder to find ! The song on one side, the instrumental on the flip.
SP, Ex/Ex, 120 €
La Troupe Musicale Populaire Egyptienne   NEW
La Troupe Musicale Populaire Egyptienne (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
Ultra mega rare album from obscure Egyptian band. Lovely music. Record has a few marks, as you can hear in the soundclip, but nothing real bad. And check that cover : sublime !
LP, VG(+)/VG(+), 120 €
Philippe Chany   NEW
Aime moi (Polydor, France, 1983)
In demand ! Oriental funk on "Cairo Connection", the perfect groovy French Arabic connection and a real dancefloor filler. This 12" is a true rarity believe me. Pic by JB mondino.
LP, VG/Ex, 90 €
Naima Samih   NEW
Rmani Rih (Disques Gam, Morocco, 1977)
Wonderful and quite unique Moroccan record produced by the cult Abdou el Omari. Oriental pop groove organ !
SP, Ex/Ex, 110 €
Sarah Badani   NEW
Sarah Badani (Koliphone, Israel, 1975)
Ultra rare Israeli LP by Sarah Badani, a female musician of Indian origin. She sometimes sings in Hebrew over an oriental psych folk backband with a trippy sitar sound. Very very hot, an a beautiful album that still remains totally obscure. Don't sleep, this is my last copy.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 300 €
Afif Chaya   NEW
Afif Chaya (EMI - Voix de l'Orient, Lebanon, 1980)
Unknown / underrated Lebanese artist. Killer oriental beats !
LP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Dia Prometido   NEW
Dia Prometido (Hit, Iran, 1971)
You've probably heard of this group because the Iranian pressing of this album drove some collectors mad and went for crazy money of the net, a while ago. So what is offered here is that famous Iranian issue of the first album by Dia Prometido (a duo composed of an Iranian and a Chilean). The music is a beautiful combination of Oriental folklore and pop jazz, with a psychedelic touch here and there. Superb, and so rare.
LP, Ex-/VG+, 100 €
Omar el Sheriyi   NEW
Plays Abdel Alim Hafez Vol. 4 (Soutelphan, Egypt, 1979)
This is the blind Egyptian keyboard player Omar el Sheriyi (also spelled Ammar el Sheriyi) playing tunes once sung by Abdel Halim Hafez. And what a dope interpretation, this can't be compared to anything else in Egypt, believe me ! Eerie synth oriental or acid organ Arabic groove ! This is the volume 4 from the series. Terribly rare, this one doesn't shows up las often as volume 1.
LP, Ex-/Ex-, 150 €
Jacques Kodjian   NEW
Oriental Mood - Modern Instrumental Hits from Lebanon (EMI - Voix de l'Orient, France, 1972)
Ultra rare Armenian / Lebanese jazz. Includes "Shatti ya deney", "Bent el shalabiya", "Bektob ismak", etc… Superb oriental sound from the early 70's, superb consition.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 150 €
Said Ziani   NEW
Dirham (Polydor, Morocco, 1974)
Including "Ahlane bel Hob". Moroccan soul 45, terribly rare. Music by Abdelaati Amena.
SP, VG+/Ex, 150 €
Ahouva Ozeri   NEW
Little Child on the Rocks (Galton, Israel)
Unusual album by Yemenite / Ethiopian singer Ahouva Ozeri recorded and released in Israel. She learnt to play the Indian string instrument bubul tarang and it gives a particular sound to her production. Light oriental funk and belly dance beats. Very rare, be quick, this is my last copy !
LP, Ex-/Ex, 70 €
Charifa Fadel   NEW
Mawal el ashaa (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
Groovy 70's oriental beat from Egyptian singer Charifa Fadel. Very rare issue from Egypt !
SP, Ex-/Ex-, 60 €
Samira Saeed   NEW
Alemnah el Hob (Moriphon, Greece, 1983)
Moroccan female singer Samira Said, here helped by Baligh Hamdi, delivers some super cool Arabic
LP, VG+/Ex, 75 €
Mayada el Hennawi   NEW
Fatet Sanaa (EMI - Araby, Greece, 1980)
Two tracks written and arranged by Baligh Hamdi.
LP, VG/VG, 45 €