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Setrak   NEW
Belly Dance With Samara (Voice of Stars, France)
Oh my ! Killer arabian beats here ! Once again, it's produced by Daniel der Sahakian and it features Armenians from Lebanon. The orchestra is concuted by percussionist Setrak Sarkissian.
LP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
Warda   NEW
Eih Walla Eih (Sout el Hob, Greece, 1976)
Superb music by Baligh Hamdy, cover has just a little tear.
LP, VG+/Ex-, 60 €
Nohad Tarabay   NEW
Khalass Hasibak (EMI - Voix de l'Orient, Lebanon, 1986)
Killer Lebanese pop with synth and beats by this obscure oud player. Very light water damage on the back cover (All the copies I saw had the same default).
LP, VG+/Ex, 80 €
Elias Rahbani   NEW
Liza Liza (EMI, Greece, 1978)
Includes the killer Lebanese space / psych groove "From the Moon" plus the cult club disco "Liza Liza".
LP, VG/Ex, 75 €
Unknown Artist   NEW
The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile (Mount Vernon Music, USA)
Fantastic Egyptian jazz ! The line up is still unknown but I have been told a legend about this record… Salah Ragab is supposed to have played there. If you have more infos, I'll be glad to know. In the meantime, just enjoy this jewel of the Nile.
LP, Ex/Ex, 120 €
Boutaiba Seghir  
Degue Degue Ha Degue Degue (Azhar, Algeria)
Crazy rare 7" by Algerian singer Boutaiba Seghir (or Boutaiba Sghir), and featuring trumpet player Bellemou (or Belemou). Includes the killer "Degue Degue Ha Degue Degue" and "Rmite Rohi Fal B'hare" (this one sounding like a version of "Ya raya"). Disc seems in clean shape but has some noise in the beginning of one side.
SP, Ex-/Ex-, 150 €
Boutaiba Sghir  
Khali Ya Khali (Lila Phone, Algeria)
Ultra rare Algerian proto rai by cult figure Boutaiba Sghir, featuring trumpet player Bellemou (also spelled Belemou). Tracks are "Khali Ya Khali" and "Haman Ha Haman". So rare, almost unfindable !
SP, Ex/Ex-, 100 €
Ahmed Fakroun  
Mots d'amour (Celluloid, France, 1987)
Wow ! The unique album by Paris based Libyan singer Ahmed Fakroun. So funky ! Of course the highlight here is the 80's oriental club hit "Soleil soleil", but "Jama el f'na", "Love Words" and "Gelty" are worth a listen (the first one being more trad fusion groove, and the other more on the 80's tip). Press kit included. So rare !
LP, VG+/Ex, 280 €
Boussouar el Maghnaoui  
Wa Louahrania Waldik (Sawt Hillali, Algeria)
Algerian proto rai by Boussoir el Maghnaoui who gives his best on "Wa Louahrania Waldik" and "Fakoubia", featuring trumpet player Belemou. Algerian pressing. Very rare !
SP, Ex-/Ex-, 100 €
Boussoir el Maghnaoui  
Sidi Rabi (Sawt Hillali, Algeria)
Algerian proto rai by Boussoir or Boussouar el Maghnaoui, and featuring legendary trumpeter player Belemou (or Bellemou). On this 7" : "Sidi Rabi" and "Dag Dag". Algerian pressing. Very rare, superb condition.
SP, Ex/Ex-, 100 €
John Vartan  
Armenian and Near Eastern Folk Dance Music (No label, USA)
Crazy rare album by Armenian musician John Vartan recorded and released in the United States. Vartan here plays a variety of instruments such as oud, tar, piano, synthesizer, canoon, sring, saz, etc… Beautiful Oriental music, really.
LP, VG+/Ex-, 90 €
Nights of Rabab  
Nights of Rabab (Sono Cairo, Egypt)
Wow ! Killer Egyptian album, still remaining unknown to most, combining deep folk (expect dope oriental beats here) and some jazz. Probably involving Omar Khorshid on guitar, Farouq Salama on accordion and Hany Mehanna or Magdy el Husseini on organ. Almost unfindable !
LP, Ex/Ex, 150 €
Bahija el Idrissi  
El Kamar Tal Lia (Boussiphone, Morocco)
Moroccan female singer Bahija el Idrissi tries herself in the Warda / Om Khalsoum outfit. Lovely Boussiphone 7", beautiful shape.
SP, Ex/Ex, 50 €
Fayza Ahmed  
Lkitk Faine (Sawt Hilali, France)
A rare and very good album by Egyptian singer Fayza Ahmed. I don't have the answer yet but I think this was releases for the North African market only. Killer oriental beats ΰ la Baligh Hamdy !
LP, Ex/Ex-, 80 €
Leila Sabri  
Leila Sabri (Voix de la Jeunesse, France)
Algerian female singer, almost unknown, offering here her only album.
LP, Ex-/Ex-, 50 €