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Unknown Artist   NEW
The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile (Mount Vernon Music, USA)
Fantastic Egyptian jazz ! The line up is still unknown but I have been told a legend about this record… Salah Ragab is supposed to have played there. If you have more infos, I'll be glad to know. In the meantime, just enjoy this jewel of the Nile.
LP, Ex/Ex, 120 €
Abdel Halim Hafez   NEW
Zay el hawa (La Voix du Globe, France)
Beautiful French issue of this classic Abdel Halim Hafez + Baligh Hamdi album.
LP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
Damascus Musical Group w/ Selim Sarwat   NEW
Rhythms and Dances from Syria (Byblos, Syria, 1977)
Beautiful syncopated belly dance rhythms with organ. Original beats from the Middle East ! Pressed in Greece.
LP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Salah Ragab   NEW
Salah Ragab (Sono Cairo, Egypt, 1975)
What a surprise it was to find this mint copy of Salah Ragab's first album on Sono Cairo…in Paris. Ultra hard to find, especially in this shape. Recorded and released just after his Cairo Jazz Band period.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 250 €
Abdel Mounaim al Jamal   NEW
Jafil Miaad (Polydor, Morocco, 1974)
Totally obscure Moroccan only 7". Music composed by A. Changuiti. For those who like Walid Gholmieh or Baligh Hamdi, because this might be from Morocco, it sounds more Lebanese / Egyptian.
SP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Si Daty & Mounia   NEW
Ida Haka (Boussiphone, Morocco)
Mauritanian duo released on a Moroccan label. Raw sounds !
SP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
Thouraya   NEW
And'ha (Pathé, France)
Algerian female singer Thouraya delivers some enchanting arabic sound the Egyptian way on "Hessine ya hessine". Picture by Harcourt Studios. Hard to find, especially in this excellent condition.
SP, Ex/Ex-, 50 €
Walid Gholmieh   NEW
Libyan Folk Dances (Duniaphon, Greece, 1977)
Wow ! A great album composed and conducted by the talented Lebanese Walid Golmieh. Tracks are "Fezzan", "Ghadames", "Ya khadra", "Sabratha", "Trablos", "Kaska", "Libda" and "Waddan". Superb shape.
LP, Ex/Ex, 150 €
Abdelhadi Belkhayat   NEW
Latgoulich Insani (Bah, Algeria)
On both sides, "Latgoulich Insani" (also spelled "Madgoulich Ansani" on the labels) and its suite. Pressed in Algeria, perfect condition, rare.
SP, Ex-/Ex, 35 €
Lahbi el Idrissi   NEW
Talbouli k'tir (Philips, Morocco)
Marvellous music by Wahid Laamarti. Very rare / unknown and deep 45 from 70's Morocco.
SP, Ex/Ex, 80 €
Wassila Staifiya   NEW
Soubri ya Rachida (Etherlux, Algerian)
Pretty Rare female proto raï. Tracks are "Soubri ya Rachida" and "Ammi Radjel". Lovely but raw Algerian pressing, on the very local label from Setif Etherlux.
SP, VG+/VG+, 60 €
Abdelkrim Mostapha   NEW
Ksantina (Disques Al Manar, France)
Moroccan trippy sound. Very Baligh Hamdi style.
SP, VG/VG+, 60 €
Sharifa Fadel   NEW
Yaeish al mouallem (Parlophone, Lebanon, 1967)
Beautiful 7" by Lebanese diva Cherifa Fadel. At that time the label Voix de l'Orient was associated to Parlophone (and later to EMI, giving birth to the legendary EMI - Voix de l'Orient brand). Ring wear on the front.
SP, VG+/Ex, 45 €
Abdel Halim Hafez   NEW
Aai damat hozen… la (Soutelphan, Greece, 1974)
Rare and in demand album by Egyptian star Abdel Halim Hafez, featuring the music of Baligh Hamdi. Wonderful oriental beats and samples ! Very good condition (which is rare for this one).
LP, Ex-/VG+, 75 €
Esin Engin   NEW
Modern fasil (Kent, Turkey, 1978)
Turkish heat ! And look at this cover… I am always amazed to see how hot the middle east was at that time ! But as you may know, Turkey in the 70's was very liberated… Nice oriental groove on this album by the way eh eh !
LP, VG+/Ex-, 50 €