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Masterless Samurai  
Masterless Samurai (Headfirst, USA, 1980)
Obscure Japanese group led by Mr Kitajima... This is a recent discovery. "Golden Mean" has folk funk beats, "Wild Monk" has funky beats with flute, "Sei" is a bizarre exotic jazz tune with fender rhodes and flute, "Hitsuku" has very nice beats that sound very similar to Travis Biggs' "Tibetian Serenity", "Masterless Samurai" and "Breath of Night" are two great jazz groove tracks with perfect samples. This album has something of Les Mogol, the cult Turkish psych jazz group, or the great percussionist Okay Temiz. US pressing, cover slightly used.
LP, VG+/Ex, 60 €
Hiroshima (Arista, USA, 1980)
Japanese band that recorded in the US. Very very funky touch. Includes the disco club tune "Warriors", which starts with koto… Superb samples. And the whole tune has something interesting ! Also on this album : "Crusin' J-Town", "Echoes" (like a late japonified Roy Ayers) and "Fortune Teller" (samples, again).
LP, VG+/Ex, 30 €
Toby Foyeh  
I'm on Fire (Taretone, Nigeria)
Very hot afro boogie and disco funk from Nigeria ! This is the 12" issue of some tracks from his super crazy rare and expensive record "Here I Come".
12", VG/VG+, 90 €
Noel Quinlan  
7 A Side (Newtone, Hong Kong, 1977)
Ultra rare Asian boogie funk album… Noel Quinlan had previously written the score for "The Man from Hong-Kong", he is back here with a sound that reminds me of the Philipino group Please. Tough groovy breaks, too, and a production that could compete with US funk records. At least ten interesting tracks, just judge by yourself with the soundclip. Almost impossible to find.
LP, Ex-/Ex-, 100 €
Davy Jones & the Voodoo Funk Machine  
Sookie Sookie (Philips, France, 1968)
Wild freaked out soul and rough club tunes arranged by Janko Nilovic ! "Sookie Sookie", "Voodoo", "Mojo", "Love", "Grazing in the Grass" (instrumental version), "Huk". Just great.
LP, Ex/Ex, 80 €
Eddy Louiss  
Sang mêlé (Nocturne, France)
Amazing electro creole jazz ! Eddy Louiss still shows some organ skills but the backband plays much more...modern, which gives the sound something really electro.
LP, Ex/Ex, 50 €
Big Band Katowice  
Music for My Friends (Muza / Polish Jazz n°52, Poland, 1977)
A dope funk album from Poland. Devastating version of Keith Jarrett's "Sorcery", great jazz funk fusion on "Hey Man", "Experience" and "Music for My Friends", and a mad drum break intro on "Madrox", a heavy jazz groove tune with breaks (and a cover of The Meters' "Cissy Strut"). Cover has a small tear.
LP, VG+/Ex, 60 €
Georgina Liccione Stewart  
Stretch Loops (Kimbo International, USA, 1978)
Music for dance lessons and children education ! There's always a couple of good tracks on this kind of records. "Stretch Loops for Sensory Learning", the LP we have here, comes from the New Jersey and features the funk instrumental simply called "Black".
LP, Ex-/Ex, 50 €
Urban Hansson  
Non Stop Motion och Dans (Svenska Gymnastikförbundet, Sweden, 1975)
Swedish jazz dance lesson for kids, including three interesting cuts : the groovy "Elkin" with an extreme orient feel, the groovy jazz tune "Jazz odour" and the percussion breaks on "A boonga boonga".
LP, Ex-/Ex, 35 €
John Ozila  
Boogie Salsa (Vogue, France, 1979)
Second album by John Ozila, former member of the afro group Black Soul, based in France. Two funky tracks here : "Let's Go Boogie" and "Funky Boogie", supposed to rock the dancefloor.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 45 €
Disco (Melodiya, Russia, 1979)
Back in stock ! To me the best Russian jazz funk LP ever made ! This obscure band probably played in big hotels in Moscow for the nomenclatura in the late 70's / early 80's. They had the funky, soulful side of the American music at their repertoire so it's very tight, very very groovy. Lots of breaks, lots of amazing scat vocals. Notice that one of the tunes here is a lift of Hudson County's cult track "Bim sala bim". Tremendous !
LP, Ex-/Ex, 90 €
Konstantin Orbelyan  
Piesni (Melodiya, Armenia, 1978)
Two excellent cuts here : "Dilijan" heavy weight instrumental big band groove, and "Vocaliz" somptuous groovy jazz with a pinch of latin and incredible female scat vocals (performed by Tatevik Ovanesian, from "Concerto for Voice and Orchestra"). Konstantin Orbelyan was for years the leader of the State Pop Orchestra of Armenia, he knows his things. Very very very rare item from Armenia !
LP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Orizont (Melodiya, Moldovia, 1978)
Yes, Moldovian funk ! At least three killer cuts here, but the most impressive is "Gajduzkaya ballada", a traditionnal song transformed into a devastating groovy thing with female scats. Tremendous soviet funk ! "U melnizy" is dope too… Amazing material from behind the iron curtain !
LP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Rapsodia (Melodiya, Russia)
Prog funk, jazz and disco from former Soviet Union. Heavy drums and samples !
LP, Ex/Ex, 35 €
Via 75  
Ritm radosti (Melodiya, Georgia, 1981)
I love these funky albums coming from the southern parts of former USSR. This one is the legendary album "Ritm radosti" by the Georgian band Via 75. Hard funk ! And there's also a hidden cover of Jimi Hendrix' "Red House", do you believe it ? Recorded in 79, but only released two years later, the groove here might give you a headache !
LP, Ex/Ex-, 100 €